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- Half a Minute to get as many of these phrases correct as you can!
- Want to save the earth? Better learn these phrases then.

Ms Horn - 10,000 points
Callum - yyyyaaaaasssss 111111 poionts yass
Mary- 790

Kitty - Well i got 1850, but then i accidentally clicked back. I'm actually proud cause i suck at computer games:) and the stupid santa guys kept shooting me:( and Callum, i'm sure you got 111111:P

Callum- Kitty yes a did so there am just amazin yyyaaaassssss lol u cudnt get 1850 u r rubbish lol

Kitty- Yes Callum actually i did! So haha! And its a pity you don't have a screen shot of your amazing score:P